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Chapter 1 Living alone


The time when each person’s fate begins to move differs depending on the person,
and that is called 「ritu un」
「Ritu un」 is distinguished from 0 to 9 years old.
Easy to understand, simply put, it is the day when the baby acquired the human soul.

When that day comes, it can be said that the toddler who had been doing

whatever he wanted without listening to what he said like a monster became a child who was a little recognizable.

For example, a baby whose “ritu un” is 0 years old remembers when he was in his mother’s womb.
I think that a child who was a 3-year-old toddler but was strangely mature was [ritu un] of precocious.

In my case, I was [ritu un] of 9 years old, so my monster-like personality continued until 9 When I was a toddler, I wandered to the brink of death.

After adulthood, my father told me that I had a certain illness and had a high fever and became dehydrated.

In other words, when I was a toddler, my body was not very strong.as 9 years old.

I’m [rituun] 9 years old, so I couldn’t remember what happened when I was a toddler.

However, there is a story I heard from my father.
One is that I had an inguinal hernia when I was 4 or 5 years old.

The rooftop of Yokohama Takashimaya at that time was an amusement park.

There were many vehicles for toddlers to play with.

My dad took me for no apparent reason.
Naturally, as a selfish monster, I begged my dad to ride a horse many times。

I rode a horse-riding robot dozens of times.
The horse moved up, down, left and right like a rodeo.

I suddenly felt pain on my way home with my father.
I was screaming in a loud voice, “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.”

My father was surprised to hear that.
He seems to have run home at full speed.

My mother asked me, “Where does it hurt?”
I pointed my finger in my crotch, saying, “It hurts here.”

When my mother looked at my crotch, she felt that this was a big problem.
It seems that my crotch was extremely swollen.
The cause was inguinal hernia.

And there was another serious accident and disaster for me.
It was when my mother worked part-time in the side dish club of a supermarket.
It was when her mother worked part-time in the supermarket’s side dish department.
Every day, after kindergarten, I went to the department where my mother at the supermarket works.

It was customary to go home with my mother.
I dropped in at the supermarket as usual.
I had a place to sit. So when I sat down as usual, I was shocked
High temperature heat was transmitted from the buttocks.

I dropped in at the supermarket as usual. There was a wok with hot oil in it.
The oil attacked the lower body.
The surprised voices of my mother and the women around her made me forget my pain.

An elderly woman gave me first aid when my mother was stunned
She poured a generous amount of ordinary oil over my lower body.

As a result of the first aid, only a part of the right foot became blisters.

It remained after the burn, but my life was saved.

I still remember only these two accidents.

When my mother was in and out of the hospital repeatedly, I became an elementary school student and I was still a monster.
I was restless and my grades were poor.

I was struck by my teacher every day.
The reason was that it interfered with the class.
And I was punished every day.

It was a punishment to stand still in the corridor.
I had been punished for three years.

It became a little calm when it was 10 years old
I was surprised myself.

“Ritsuun” is like this.